5 Malaysian Personal Finance Instagrams You Should Check Out



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5 Malaysian Personal Finance Instagrams You Should Check Out

By xweienx

When it comes to our parents, teaching us how to keep our coins in the piggy bank is as far as financial education goes. Worse still, personal finance is not something we learn in school, even though it might literally mean life or death as we grow up. Hence, many of us are left fumbling about life, living from paycheck to paycheck while being crushed under mountains of debt. We're left to learn from our mistakes and failures, losing our hard earned cash along the way.


What if I told you it could be easier than that? In the age of technology, there is literally no information that can't be found for free, and that includes financial knowledge. Here are 5 personal finance-focused Instagram profiles, built right here in Malaysia, that'll get you on track to financial freedom:

1. @her.duit | Podcast

When Michelle realized that many personal finance resources and influencers are heavily male dominated, she set out to create her own source of daily financial tips on Instagram and even a podcast that is more women-friendly. She delivers her posts in an aesthetically pleasing way, hoping to help you and I get past the barrier of talking about money in our daily lives.


2. @thefinancialfitnesschannel | YouTube

The financial world can be complicated sometimes, but that's what Ivy and Ying at The Financial Fitness are here to fix. Through simple graphics and their short and concise videos, they hope to help more Malaysians be financially literate. It'll be hard not to learn a thing or two after checking our their profile.


3. @mrmoneytv | YouTube 

Memes, podcasts, videos, and then more memes! Looking to learn about personal finance and investments while being entertained? Mr Money TV is where it's at. Besides the usual tips to save and make money, they also talk about current issues affecting us Malaysians.


4. @dividendmagic | Blog

If you think making money while you sleep seems like magic, then Leigh at Dividend Magic will reveal the magician's secrets. As you may have guessed, Dividend Magic aims to educate Malaysians on how to maximize truly passive income - dividends. He does this in an absolutely transparent way, sharing his portfolios and their performances to inspire us all towards financial independence.


5. @weeconomics

weeconomics started with a goal to journal the process towards financial freedom. Along the way, weeconomics aim to share the stories and lessons that were learned and to answer any burning questions that readers have in their respective journeys.


So, whether you're a seasoned investor in Malaysia, or just a recent graduate looking for a guide to riches (slowly and steadily), then these 5 places are a good start!

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