Local Actress Had Her Photos Altercated Using AI To Make It Look Like She's Wearing Explicit Attire, M'sians Condemn



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Local Actress Had Her Photos Altercated Using AI To Make It Look Like She's Wearing Explicit Attire, M'sians Condemn

By Ayunie

In a distressing incident that has recently unfolded on TikTok, the Malaysian online community has come together to condemn the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. A local actress, Sweet Qismina, has been the unfortunate target of manipulated and inappropriate photos, falsely portraying her as wearing revealing attire. 

TikTok, a popular social media platform known for its diverse content and creative expression, has unfortunately witnessed instances of misconduct and exploitation. This incident sheds light on the misuse of technology and the dire consequences it can have on individuals' lives. By generating fabricated images using AI algorithms, the perpetrators violated the privacy and dignity of the local actress, subjecting her to unwarranted cyberbullying and online harassment.




Malaysians have swiftly rallied against this reprehensible behavior, standing in solidarity with the actress and voicing their outrage. Although it is unknown if the local actress has made a statement regarding this incident or vice versa, it sends a clear message that online harassment, exploitation, and the misuse of technology will not be tolerated among her fans. The collective voice of the community serves as a powerful reminder that the well-being and dignity of individuals must be safeguarded, both online and offline.

This incident also highlights the urgent need for robust regulations and guidelines to prevent the misuse of emerging technologies, such as AI. With such technology, anyone can be a victim next. 

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