WATCH: Local Influencers Splurged Over RM50K For One-Year-Old Son's Birthday Party



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WATCH: Local Influencers Splurged Over RM50K For One-Year-Old Son's Birthday Party

By Ayunie

Birthdays hold a special place in the hearts of parents, especially when it comes to celebrating their little ones. Recently, content creators Jasmine and Kvin made headlines when they threw a lavish birthday bash for their child, Enzo, who turned one year old. The extravagant celebration, captured on their social media platforms, featured a fun fair-themed villa adorned with games, a claw machine, and food 'vendors,' leaving netizens both in awe and questioning the scale of expenditure.

According to Jasmine's now-unavailable Instagram story, the couple did not initially plan for such a grand event, but as the preparations took shape, the total costs quickly added up to approximately RM50,000. The breakdown of expenses included various elements that contributed to the opulence of Enzo's birthday celebration:

Decoration (RM30,000): The couple spared no expense in transforming the villa into a fun fair wonderland, creating a mesmerizing setting for the festivities.

Buffet (RM3,000): An array of delectable dishes and treats were served to guests, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Buggy Car (RM1,500): Enzo's special day included a ride in a charming buggy car, adding an extra touch of excitement for the young celebrant.

Cotton Candy (RM300): Sweet and fluffy cotton candy stalls delighted both children and adults alike, adding a touch of nostalgia to the event.

Claw Machine (RM1,000): Guests enjoyed the thrill of trying their luck at the claw machine, adding an element of fun to the festivities.

Gifts (RM2,000): Thoughtful gifts were presented to Enzo, making his first birthday truly memorable.

Three Days Staying in Villa (RM6,600): The celebration extended over three days, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.

Photographer (RM2,000): A professional photographer was hired to capture every precious moment of the event.

Dolls (RM1,000): Enzo's birthday was adorned with delightful dolls, further enhancing the enchanting atmosphere.

Jasmine, in an Instagram post, shared her perspective behind the lavish celebration. She explained that while her birthday celebrations during her younger years were not as grand, she wanted to make her child's first birthday a once-in-a-lifetime event. She expressed her desire to give Enzo a memorable experience, acknowledging the significance of this special milestone in their lives.

While many netizens applauded Jasmine and Kvin for their generosity and their efforts to create lasting memories for their child, others questioned the practicality and necessity of spending such a large sum on a birthday celebration for a one-year-old. The debate centered on whether Enzo would even remember the grand event at such a young age.

What's your stance on this? Comment below. 

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