No Apology? Forgive Them Anyway | 5 Steps



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No Apology? Forgive Them Anyway | 5 Steps

By ellephant

Whether it's heartbreak or losing a dear friend, we have all been through them harder days in life.

Having someone hurt you is one kind of pain, and then having them not apologize for it, well that's a whole other.  

Nevertheless though, life goes on and sometimes we find ourselves waiting for apologies which never come. A Twitter user described the 5 ways in which we can forgive someone who never apologized, and we think it speaks volumes. 

#1 Stand in your truth  

Even if the other party doesn't acknowledge what happened between the two of you, you know what happened. You were there, and you felt what you did. The other person doesn't need to validate your feelings for it to be true. 

#2 If it's not okay, say it's not okay  

We often tend to say okay for things which don't feel okay, in the hopes of pushing the matter and our feelings aside. Don't let yourself do that. You need to properly hurt, so that you can find it in you to eventually let it go someday. 

#3 Close the door  

Keeping the door open to people who constantly hurt you, with the hopes that it'll be different this time round, is like leaving your gates unlocked every night, merely believing you won't get robbed. 'Enough is enough'. Know that phrase and be sure they know it too. 

#4 No gaslighting allowed  

When something hurts you, it hurts you. There is nothing nobody can say that will change that. It is your feelings and they are valid, because you're the only one who knows what that feels like. 

#5 Forgiveness is about you  

Learning to forgive someone doesn't come after they apologize. Forgiving someone involves one person and one person alone, yourself. When you've understood that they are humans also learning, and you're able to forgive as well as let go, they lose all power, and you gain it. 

Not an easy path to follow, but it is 5-steps-never-too-late to start. 

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