What You Should Do if the Police Stops You During a Protest



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What You Should Do if the Police Stops You During a Protest

By ellephant

Yesterday, co-founder of Malaysian NGO MISI: Solidariti, Sarah Irdina, was arrested under the Sedition Act of the country. In the process of taking her prisoner, her mother was intimidated, the authorities raided her house and they confiscated her phone. 

Requesting Malaysians to trend the #FreeSarah on social media, the 20-year-old was taken in, and questioned over a post on Twitter relating to the #Lawan movement. 

Earlier today, all the support came through and Sarah was fortunately released as well as sent home. 

With regards to that, and the upcoming #Lawan protest which is to be held at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow (31st July 2021) at 11am, you may be wondering what to do, should you be stopped by the authorities. 

Based on content we came across from @undi18my, here are steps on dealing with the matter.

1. Stay calm

2. Take note of their name

3. Only give your name, IC and address

If you are being arrested:

1. They MUST state the reason why

2. Follow them to the station and call the protest's legal team

3. Speak only to the lawyer present

If you are not being arrested:

1. You have permission to leave of your own accord


Do be sure to save the number of the protest's legal team, or the crisis hotline beforehand. Keep in mind that you have every right to know the law and practice it accordingly. 

Besides that, if you follow SOPs, everything should go as planned!

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