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Home Workout | Kim Jong Kook's Guide To Women's Quick Weight Loss

By m7py

If you haven't known, Runningman's Kim Jong Kook has a successful YouTube channel with over 2.09 million subscribers & counting. With so many tips & workout demo, Jong Kook has been a big help to fans & fellow celebs alike, including one Miss Song Jihyo. 

Source: Instagram

In a recent YouTube video, Jong Kook shared his know-how for an effective workout routine, tailored for women's weight loss. Here's all you need to know: 

1- Find a body goal that requires will, not medical practice

Source: Instagram

Certain body goals require you to shave down to your bones and some, to add a lot of mass. Instead of going for an absurd body goal, figure out what you can achieve from dieting and working out. 

2- Focus on building up your lower body

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You cannot target a certain area of your body to lose weight. Rather than doing that, try to make a good lower body to burn more calories.

3- Start with squats

Source: YouTube

Pull your upper body down in between your legs. Do not push your hips out. Instead, fold your upper body at the pelvis and push it out. Put more tension in the hips and back of the thighs than in the front. After a brief squat, stand up with the power of your thighs and hips. 

4- Work on your back

Source: YouTube

This exercise is great to stimulate the back of your shoulders. Get down on your stomach. Lift your upper body,  arms, and legs above the ground. Make sure to put a strain on your back. Remember not to raise your chin too much to not hurt your neck. 

5- Do outwards squats

Source: YouTube

Spread your feet out to the sides and squat. Make sure your body is in symmetry. Maintain a good pace and don't take long rest. 

Watch his video with Jihyo here. Try out his tips & see if they work for you too! 

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