9 Ways You Can Reuse The Shein Plastic Ziploc Bags That Are Lying Around Your Home



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9 Ways You Can Reuse The Shein Plastic Ziploc Bags That Are Lying Around Your Home

By MJC97

If there's one thing I know we Malaysian get excited about, it's cheap clothes! We love a good deal on some fancy-looking clothes and we love bragging about how cheap our clothes are, especially when people compliment their outfits. 

One of the sites we all go to for cheap clothes is Shein. We love how they look good and are priced so reasonably. After buying your cute little tops from Shein, it normally gets shipped to you in cute little bags. So we normally do a proper haul once we get our salaries, so we are left with probably ten empty Shein bags. 

So, if you're thinking of throwing them away, DON'T! Here's what you can do with them:

#1 As a makeup bag

If you're out and about and have to touch up your makeup, just pop whatever you need into a Shein bag and stuff it in your handbag! 


#2 As a lunch bag/ lunch container holder

@worshipGODalone on Reddit said they use clear tape to cover the holes and then use it to bag your lunch container! 


#3 As a bag for mini rubbish bins

This is perfect for those small rubbish bins that you normally keep on your makeup desk for cotton pads. 


#4 Storing shoes when travelling

Shoes can track dirt into your luggage bag, so tape up the holes and put your shoes in there before arranging it in your bag.


#5 Organising underwear in cupboard or bag

Underwear can be a little messy since they are small, so storing them in a Shein bag when travelling or just to put in your cupboard makes it neater. 


#6 Mask bags

Since nowadays everyone has a bunch of masks in their handbag just in case they have to enter a building, you can just pop them into a Shein bag and put it in your handbag so it doesn't get dirty in your bad. 


#7 Organising hair ties

The one thing that we keep losing! So storing them in a Shein bag will keep them from disappearing every now and then.


#8 For organizing paper or bills

Instead of just putting them in a drawer, try putting them in a Shein bag and storing them in the drawer. Trust me, it is easier to find all your unpaid bills this way! 


#9 For gardening

Whether it's temporary for repotting a plant or if it is to grow a new plant before putting it in a pot, you could always use Shein bags as temporary grow bags! 


What do you use our Shein bags for? Share your answers in the comments section!  You might be able to make someone's live easier! 

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