YouTube Unleashes New Look That Reminds You Of A 90s Fancy TV Set



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YouTube Unleashes New Look That Reminds You Of A 90s Fancy TV Set

By m7py

If you think something's off with how YouTube looks today, you're spot on. Everyone's favorite video-streaming platform has gotten a little makeover.

Check out the ambient mode with a subtle effect that matches the background color with the video. You'll be drawn right into the content and stay focused on the video.

You'll be happy to know that the dark theme has just gotten darker. So, all the colors will pop on your screen.,1536

Video playlists will also get the same color treatment. You can also view more details about each playlist now. 

Plus, YouTube links in video descriptions have been switched to buttons instead. Frequent actions such as like, share, and download have also been formatted for a more minimal layout.,1536,1536

And, if you're looking to subscribe to this new, dope YouTube creator, here's a head's up. The subscribe button is no longer red. It now comes in a new shape and high contrast so that you won't miss it.

Here's the cherry on top! YouTube has launched its pinch-to-zoom and precise seeking feature to all users as well. That means you will not miss out on any detail while you watch your favorite videos. 

Hope you'll love the new YouTube look as do we. 

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