Malay Woman's Fluent Korean Skills Amaze Malaysians As She Assists Korean Tourist In Buying Durian



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Malay Woman's Fluent Korean Skills Amaze Malaysians As She Assists Korean Tourist In Buying Durian

By Ayunie

A heartwarming encounter between a Malay woman and a Korean tourist captured the attention of netizens when a video showcasing the woman's remarkable ability to speak Korean went viral. The incident occurred as the woman assisted the tourist in purchasing durian, explaining various aspects related to the beloved tropical fruit. The video, posted on TikTok, quickly gained popularity, garnering over 700K views. Malaysians who stumbled upon the clip were in awe of the woman's multilingual prowess, praising her linguistic skills.

The video showcasing the Malaysian woman's impressive Korean skills, which was shared on TikTok, quickly spreaded across other social media platforms. Netizens were amazed by her command of multiple languages and praised her ability to bridge the language barrier effortlessly.

@anisrohaizad Makcik jadi translator kat kedai durian #koreandramalover original sound - Anis

The heartwarming exchange between the Malaysian Malay woman and the Korean tourist exemplifies the beauty of cultural exchange and the significance of language in fostering connections. It showcased Malaysia's welcoming spirit and the efforts of Malaysians to make visitors feel at home, even in a simple durian-buying experience. 

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