M'sian Woman Shocked To Find "Ashes" Inside Thrifted Teddy Bear



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M'sian Woman Shocked To Find "Ashes" Inside Thrifted Teddy Bear

By JustineG

A woman shared a chilling moment when she came across a large teddy bear containing the ashes of a child in a well-known thrift store. According to Fathia Omma Faisal, the teddy bear was discovered by her kid. However, she felt uneasy when she noticed Japanese embroidery on both legs of the teddy bear, which was priced at RM20.


"My kid said the teddy bear was nice to hug, soft and heavy. But I felt uneasy seeing the writing on its legs. Its head can probably twist open to put ashes inside," she said.

The woman further explained that she tried shaking the teddy bear and heard a glass bottle inside it. Meanwhile, the translated embroidery reads, "Shiori August 2009, 43.5cm. Thank you for being born. Let's continue to live happily forever."


Comments in the comment section warned the public to be cautious when buying items from thrift stores. Some netizens commented, "How could a family discard something like this? Maybe they are looking for this teddy bear."


"That's why you need to be careful when buying second-hand items. We don't know who the owner is and the history of the item."

"I've also had a creepy experience buying second-hand items. Bought a toy, and that night, the child cried in fear. It was only when we got rid of the toy that the child stopped crying."

"They should report it to the store so they can be more careful when selling items. If you're selling Japanese items, you should understand their language."


However, some netizens shared that the Japanese culture actually involves giving such teddy bears as a congratulatory gift for the birth of a baby. Some businesses even allow customers to customize these teddy bears by embroidering the baby's name and placing items inside to give it the same weight as a newborn.

Our advice? Check for any questionable inscriptions or symbolism before buying any second-hand items.

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