K-Pop Stalker Fan Aged 59 Follows Idol For 3 Years & Tells Her To 'Take Me In As Your Maid'



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K-Pop Stalker Fan Aged 59 Follows Idol For 3 Years & Tells Her To 'Take Me In As Your Maid'

By ellephant

Based on reports, a K-Pop fan turned stalker followed an Apink member, Jung Eunji for 3 whole years, and then told her to take her in as the idol's maid. 

Aged 59, the stalker named Cho was sentenced to 1-year in prison, deferred by a probationary period of 2 years, for stalking Apink member/actress Jung Eunji. 

She has been placed under the supervision of a probation officer, and will also be required to pay a fine of 100,000 won, complete 120 hours of community service, and attend 40 hours of educational courses to prevent repeated crimes related to stalking. 


Cho began stalking Jung Eunji (30yo) in March of 2020 by sending a package to the idol's home, with the message, "Will you take me in as your maid and your cohabitation partner?" 

Two months later, Cho tailed Jung Eunji to her hair and makeup shop on a motorcycle. 

In April and July of 2021, the stalker was found staking out Eunji's apartment. The police passed it off with a warning and Cho sent a message to Eunji's agency, promising no further contact. 


But, in the next five months, Cho continued to terrorize Jung Eunji with countless Instagram DMs and Bubble messages, until in December of 2021, when Eunji announced that she would be halting her Bubble service altogether due to 'people who are too engrossed in this that they can't lead ordinary lives.'

"Despite the fact that the victim suffered from severe mental and emotional trauma, the defendant refused to admit to the crimes and showed no sign of reflection", said the Seoul District Court. 

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