WATCH: "Ooops, My Bad!" Local Actor Accidentally Sends Son To Wrong School, Hilarious Mishap Goes Viral



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WATCH: "Ooops, My Bad!" Local Actor Accidentally Sends Son To Wrong School, Hilarious Mishap Goes Viral

By JustineG

With the start of the new school year, social media has been abuzz with stories of children heading off to school, particularly those entering Year One. However, a different story was shared by comedian and actor Shahrol Azizie Azmi, better known as Shahrol Shiro, which sparked laughter among netizens. 

Shahrol admitted that he accidentally sent his second child, Iskandar Rizqi, 7, affectionately known as Iqi, to a different school, and he only realized it when the school contacted him.

"Due to work commitments, I asked my wife to handle our child's enrollment into first grade. Two school names were mentioned during the discussion about which school to enrol Iqi in. Then, I sent my child to school, and after a few hours, I received a phone call," He said. 

"I was worried that something had happened; it turned out that I had mistakenly sent my child to another school," he shared." 

In the post, accompanied by a 1-minute 10-second video, Shahrol hurried to Kampong Melayu School to pick up his son, who was supposed to be sent to Tunku Mahmood School. 

"Didn't you know the school?" joked a school representative in the video. 

Shahrol then apologized for the mistake, while one of the teachers stated that such experiences only happen to certain people. 

"Iqi had already entered the classroom, but he was puzzled when he noticed that the field didn't look the same as his previous school. He immediately approached the teacher, informing her he had gone to the wrong school. The teacher checked his name tag, realized he was right, and immediately sent him to the office," he wrote. 

Shahrol also reminded other parents not to repeat his mistake: "To all fathers out there, please don't make this mistake. I'm sorry, Iqi, and thank you to the teachers who helped," he said. Teachers from Kampong Melayu School also took the opportunity to capture funny moments by taking pictures as keepsakes.

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