Is YouTube Star Uncle Roger Gonna Open His First Store In Malaysia?!



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Is YouTube Star Uncle Roger Gonna Open His First Store In Malaysia?!

1 Week ago
By ellephant

Based on recent reports, it would appear that famous YouTube star Uncle Roger may be opening his first store in Malaysia, and we're super stoked!

Malaysian comedian and YouTube sensation Nigel Ng, or more famously known as Uncle Roger has announced that he will be opening his first store in Malaysia soon. 

Via a video posted on 1 July which featured him reflecting on the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's visit to Penang, he mentioned the news.  

"Uncle Roger is actually going to open my very first restaurant over there", Ng said in the video. The 'there' referred to Malaysia. 

Although he doesn't have his own restaurant yet, fans who want to try his food can try his Uncle Roger Chili Crab Pasta, which he is selling online.

"It may look like instant noodles, but it is not. It is restaurant quality", he said in a promotional video.

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