【News】Kota Bharu Man Loses Mother’s Gold and RM201,000 To Boyfriend Who Threatened to Spread His Nude Videos



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Kota Bharu Man Loses Mother’s Gold and RM201,000 To Boyfriend Who Threatened to Spread His Nude Videos

MJC97   |   Sep 17, 2021, 15:31   |   91

Kota Bharu: In order to prove his love for his partner, a man lost a sum of jewelry belonging to his mother worth RM370,000 and also RM201,000 cash.

To make matters worse, the victim’s boyfriend who is allegedly related to royalty, also threatened to spread his nude videos.

Kelantan Police Chief, Datuk Shafien Mamat said, on May 30, the victim met the suspect who used the nickname 'Tengku' through a same-sex social chat application.

“Once acquainted, the suspect asked about the gold and when the victim stated that his mother owned a lot of jewelery, the suspect asked the man to hand over the items for him to see as proof of the victim’s loyalty and love for him.

"The victim who was deceived by the suspect's promise to return the jewelery made two deliveries on May 31 using a taxi service followed on June 2 by e-hailing to 'Tengku's' personal assistant who was in Kota Bharu," he said in a statement. media, here, today.


Shafien said, during the introduction period, the victim also made several transfers amounting to RM201,000 to two bank accounts belonging to third party individuals for the same reason and he was even promised a gift of a pickup truck.

According to him, the victim lodged a police report last Tuesday after feeling cheated by the suspect because he never came to see him as promised and did not return the gold items belonging to his mother.

“The suspect also continued to force the victim to hand over money to him including threatening to spread nude videos of the victim.

"The case is currently under police investigation for cheating under Section 420 of the Penal Code (PC) which if convicted, the offender can be jailed for a maximum of ten years and whipping and can also be fined," he said.

Shafien reminded the public to always be vigilant when dealing online, not be fooled by the sweet promises of newly identified individuals and be careful with the Love Scam syndicate so as not to become the next victim.

He also suggested downloading the free smartphone application 'Check Scammers CCID' to check the bank account number and telephone number used to see if they have ever been involved in a commercial crime case.

Source: Harian Metro


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