How To Apply For Your Hiking Permit Or Get Fined! | Malaysia



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How To Apply For Your Hiking Permit Or Get Fined! | Malaysia

By m7py

If hiking is your go-to activity, you might need to know this! Some hiking spots in Malaysia require a hiking permit. Here is a list of those places.

You might get fined if you're not carrying a permit. So, make sure to apply for one before going out for your adventure.

Here's how to apply:

1. Visit Selangor Forestry Department's website.

2. Click 'Info Awam'.

3. Select `Gerbang Perkhidmatan Awam'.

4. Click 'Muat Turun'.

5. Download the form labelled under 'Permit'.

6. Fill the form. 

7. Make three copies of the form. 

8. Pay a fee of RM5 per person to the Pejabat Hutan Daerah via post or bank draft under the name of 'Bendahari Negeri Selangor'. Attach your form as well.

Important: Make sure to apply for the permit at least 1 week before your hiking date. Also, you are allowed to hike in a group of seven only. 

Check out more hiking spots in Malaysia here

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