RTK still Positive after Quarantine Period? Here's What to do



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RTK still Positive after Quarantine Period? Here's What to do

By ellephant

With cases over 20k on the daily, more and more people have been testing positive. 

On top of following strict SOPs, attending vaccination appointments, self-quarantining and self-managing at home, another step we've been become accustomed to, are self-tests.

PCR and RTK Antigen Nasal at clinics aside, RTK Antigen Saliva self-tests have become a rather reliable as well as affordable method, to ensure we are Covid-free after being out and about. 

But a twitter user, brought up the question as to what happens, should we test positive, conclude our quarantine period, but thereafter still show a positive on a self-test? Should our self-quarantining continue?

According to clarification by many, the answer is this. 

Even if you're positive after you've quarantine, note that this is normal, and that the virus would remain within you for a about a period of 3 months. 

Despite that, you are now no longer contagious, thus can exit quarantine and carry on with life as per usual. 

Should you still exhibit symptoms though, continue to take medication, stay isolated and visit a doctor if your condition worsens. 

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