4 Things You Should NOT Be Sorry For



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4 Things You Should NOT Be Sorry For

By ellephant

As humans, it is without a doubt that we have plenty to be sorry for. All our imperfections and flaws, it's difficult not saying sorry, for every time we screw up. 

Nevertheless, there are also a few things we shouldn't be sorry for, no matter how much the world pushes us to believe so. What are they?


Here are the 4 of them, you need to take note of. 

1. Do not be sorry for being busy


Everyone is doing their own thing in life, so it's perfectly okay when you don't have time for small talk on an everyday basis. The people who matter will understand, and those who don't understand, should not matter. 

2. Do not be sorry for setting boundaries


We all deserve to be completely comfortable with the people who surround us, and the places we're at. When something doesn't feel right or good, it's okay to set a boundary mark, or create a personal bubble. You're entitled to it, so don't let the emotions of others tell you otherwise. 

3. Do not be sorry for not being perfect


Humans weren't created to be perfect. In fact, quite the opposite. We're a flawed people, but what sets us apart is going the extra mile everyday, to strive perfection, no matter how many times we could fail. Remember, it's not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get the hell back up. 

4. Do not be sorry for showing emotions


When words do not suffice, tears get the job done. You shouldn't be sorry for feeling pain or hurt. It's beyond our control, and it's perfectly normal to have a breakdown every once in awhile, healthy even. 

With age, people come to realize that ultimately, it is peace and happiness which is most important. So, as long as that is the goal, everything else should fall secondary. 


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