GROSS! Beauty Blogger Credits Using Semen For A Glowing Skin



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GROSS! Beauty Blogger Credits Using Semen For A Glowing Skin

By DN21

New Yorker Kelly Zolanski's foolproof hack to achieving a sun-kissed glow is anything but unconventional. Recently, the beauty blogger took to social media to share her bizarre skincare routine which includes applying SEMEN to her face.  
According to Zolanski, she credits the bodily fluid on giving her skin an 'illuminating' effect, an idea which stemmed from a video advocating nutrients supposedly contained in semen.

But how was she able to acquire such supply despite being single? Whenever Zolanski needed a fresh jar of semen, she'd get a friend to deposit his in her bathroom.  
Once her supply is fulfilled, she'd then mix the semen with a bit of moisturiser for a smoother application. If worn alone, Zolanski claimed that the flakey and drying effects won't do any good to the skin. 

Despite raving about the after-glow result, she warned that reactions may vary on different skin types. And while Zolanski isn't shy to flaunt her so-called beauty hack, experts like the Medical News Today isn't 100% on board with the idea as it hasn't been scientifically proven. 

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