Stop Unnecessarily Apologizing! 7 Signs You Have The Sorry Syndrome



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Stop Unnecessarily Apologizing! 7 Signs You Have The Sorry Syndrome

By ellephant

Knowing when we're wrong, taking accountability and apologizing for your slip ups is important. 

Ego is unattractive and vulnerability is the new thing. 

However, there are times, we find ourselves over-apologizing for just about anything and everything.  

As with most things in life, even apologizing needs to be done in moderation. 

How do you know if you're unnecessarily saying sorry?

Here are 7 signs you may have the 'Sorry Syndrome'. Check it out.  

1. You're saying sorry for things you didn't do - if you're not wrong, why the apology?

2. You're saying sorry for the most minutest of things - you don't have to apologize for everything. 

3. You're saying sorry just so that you can avoid conflict - conflict is important for good change to take place.  

4. You're saying sorry even when what you're asking for is valid - your emotions and thoughts are valid, stop saying sorry for them. 

5. You're saying sorry over and over again - when you mean it, once is more than enough. 

6. You're saying sorry because you feel uncomfortable - being uncomfortable is when you know you're ready to learn and grow. 

7. People around you keep telling you to not apologize - if people are telling you to stop, you're doing it WAY too much. 

Do you have the syndrome?

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