"I Managed To Get 400 Tickets!!" Coldplay Fans Demand Answers From Concert Organiser After Scalper Buys 400 Tickets, Leaving Fans With None



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"I Managed To Get 400 Tickets!!" Coldplay Fans Demand Answers From Concert Organiser After Scalper Buys 400 Tickets, Leaving Fans With None

By JustineG

Fans of the highly anticipated Coldplay concert are left frustrated and outraged as it is revealed that a scalper managed to purchase a whopping 400 tickets through a third-party link. 

This alarming incident has raised concerns about the role of the concert organizer, Live Nation, and the potential exploitation of ticket prices. 

Furthermore, the scalper's actions have sparked an online backlash, leading to the deletion of the tweet and a defensive response from the scalper himself. Let's delve into the details of this scandalous ticket-buying scheme.


As fans eagerly attempted to secure their Coldplay tickets, one individual took to Twitter to boast about purchasing 400 tickets via an unofficial channel. This revelation has ignited fury among fans who are now worried that these scalpers will inflate ticket prices, making it even harder for genuine fans to attend the concert. Many netizens have expressed their disappointment, claiming to have been in the queue since the website opened, only to be left empty-handed.

The scalper's tweet quickly caught the attention of Twitter users, leading to the exposure of the scalper's identity and subsequent deletion of the tweet. In an attempt to mitigate the backlash, the scalper even changed their Twitter profile to appear as a fan account. However, astute fans soon discovered that this was not the first instance of such scalping activities, as the scalper had been involved in similar schemes for other concerts, including Blackpink.

Following the deletion of the tweet, the scalper released a statement justifying their actions. They claimed that their service primarily aimed to assist those who faced technical difficulties or lacked computer skills to obtain tickets. The scalper insisted that they invested significant time and effort into research and preparation, utilizing various tools and strategies to maximize their ticket purchases. However, critics argue that such services contribute to market manipulation and negatively impact genuine fans.

The scalper defended their operation as a paid service, emphasizing the trust and loyalty of their community. They detailed the usage of Google Chrome extensions and other tools within their group to enhance ticket-buying efficiency. While the scalper urged caution regarding information found online, they admitted that other ticket services might resort to scams. The scalper also addressed concerns about reporting their activities to the concert organizer and emphasized their commitment to transparency.

Many fans can't believe that such a service is provided and that fans are being scammed instead of buying their tickets themselves. 

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