WATCH: Viral Omelette Lady Increases Tom Yam Paste Price By RM4 Due To Adding 'Brand Sticker', Netizens Express Discontent



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WATCH: Viral Omelette Lady Increases Tom Yam Paste Price By RM4 Due To Adding 'Brand Sticker', Netizens Express Discontent

By sleepingbeauty

Recently, there was a buzz surrounding the issue of an omelette egg dish being sold for RM13, where the general consensus among netizens was that this price was unreasonable for such a dish. The owner of the restaurant selling this particular omelette dish, Dania Sedek, has since then provided an explanation for why the menu item is sold at a 'premium' price.

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However, it seems that the discussion about food prices set by entrepreneurs is far from over. 

Just yesterday, there was another uproar on Twitter when Dania announced that the price of her instant tom yam paste is going up by RM4 per bottle due to the addition of a sticker on the bottle.

Dania provided an explanation for the price increase, citing the need to extend her staff's working hours to manually attach the new branded stickers onto the bottles. They couldn't use a machine for this task because the tom yam paste bottles are square-shaped, not round.  

Furthermore, Dania mentioned that the price hike also takes into account marketing costs. It is understood that this price increase will result in a 500g bottle of tom yam paste being priced at RM27.90. However, many netizens remained dissatisfied with the entrepreneur's explanation, considering it unreasonable as to why should her customers be paying for her marketing costs.

Dania also stated that the price hike was due to the consideration of SST (Sales and Service Tax) and income tax. Nonetheless, some netizens argued that income tax should not be passed on to customers as it is a cost that business owners should bear. 

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