K-Celebs Order 5 Roti Tisu & Are Shook At How Big It Is



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K-Celebs Order 5 Roti Tisu & Are Shook At How Big It Is

By peachyunnie

Now, we all Malaysians love our Roti Tisu.. I mean this is THEE local favourite.

But I guess we’re not the only one who loves this delight, because tell me why, these Korean celebs ordered not 1, not 2 but 5 Roti Tisu on their South Korean Variety show, Nidonnaesan Dog Park Tour.

“Why does it look so different from what's shown on the menu?" one of them asked, mouths opened and everything.

To experience the local food in Malaysia, the five Korean male celebrities went to TG's Bistro, a mamak restaurant, located in Bukit Bintang. 

The server recommended ‘Roti Tisu’, a popular Malaysian dish that is usually formed like a little pyramid, in response to Korean comedian Kim Jun-ho's request for a suggestion. And after placing an order of ‘5x Roti Tisu’ these were their reactions when it arrived:


Not only were they shocked by the size of it, they simply did not know how to even begin eating it. The 5 men took some time to figure it out and in the mean time, they just held on to the towering Roti Tisu in disbelief.


Other customers seated at the mamak too were gasping at the sight of this and some even took pictures of them. 

Now to defend their honour, the men were in fact, unaware completely, that this was the size of the delicacy as the menu showed them this;


However, to defend the honour of the waiters at the mamak restaurant, they did warn the men, that the size of a Roti Tisu is huge and ordering 5 may be too much. 

But hey who knows? Maybe these Korean celebs wanted the real Malaysian experience; ordering and eating too much till we simply can’t breathe. 

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