"I'm Grateful For What I Got" Netizens Weirded Out By SPM Student Showing Off 6G 2T Results On TikTok



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"I'm Grateful For What I Got" Netizens Weirded Out By SPM Student Showing Off 6G 2T Results On TikTok

By peachyunnie

Remember when we used to just share our SPM results with our friends and family? Well, times sure has changed. 

Since the 2023 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results were announced on Monday, students have been sharing their results and experiences on social media, more specifically TikTok. 

While there were many celebrating their achievements of straight A's or sharing mixed reactions from their parents, this one user decided to share his results where he received six failed grades marked as G and 2 as absent, marked as T. 

With a caption that reads "Alhamdulillah, grateful for what I got". 

Previously, it was reported that 10,600 out of 383,685 SPM candidates did not sit for the exam, raising public concern.

A netizen who stumbled upon this TikTok posted, then took it to X to voice out their thoughts on the matter.


"Dik, jangan jadikan kegagalan awak sebagai satu perkara yang awak bangga."

Many other Malaysians chimed in after as well, expressing that it is shocking that many students these days are taking failing Bahasa Malaysia so lightly as this would mean that they have failed the entirety of their high school studies. 

They also shared the sentiment that, it seems like all some of them care about is to make a social media content out of it, fearing it could set a bad example.



Netizens are concerned that social media influencers may be a factor in the growing number of students who are losing interest in their exams and their studies. 


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