WATCH: Singaporean Invited His Bangladeshi Workers To His Home For Raya And The Whole Thing Was Just So Heartwarming!



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WATCH: Singaporean Invited His Bangladeshi Workers To His Home For Raya And The Whole Thing Was Just So Heartwarming!

2 Weeks ago

For immigrant workers, religious public holidays can be a bit bittersweet as they aren't able to travel home to their families to celebrate as often as they'd like. Some haven't even been home in years! 

Man in Singapore Invites Bangladeshi Workers To His Home To Celebrate The First Day of Raya Together

One particular TikTok video, uploaded by user @n4di4ndin, has gone viral where one her father, a kind-hearted Singaporean employer invited all his Bangladeshi workers and a "cute Chinese uncle" over to their house on the very first day of the Raya celebration. In the TikTok video, the Bangladeshi workers can be seen enjoying their time together, sharing smiles and laughter-- truly a wonderful sight to see.

Dressed in their best attire, each person in the video seems to share such a close bond with one another. With a big grin plastered on everyone's faces, it is evident that these people have indeed developed a genuine relationship, and it is simply heartwarming to witness. 

They Even Brought Thoughtful Gifts As Their Way of Showing Gratitude!

The Bangladeshi workers did not arrive with empty hands! Perhaps to express their appreciation, they brought along food, drinks, and some fruits--- a very thoughtful gesture on their end. The video has since garnered more than 180K views and 27K likes since it was first posted. The comment section is flooded with positive remarks too!

Indeed, just a little bit of kindness goes a long way. If we could all grow a bit tender, the world would be a much better place, wouldn't it? 

Watch the wholesome video below!

@goodymyofficial Thanks to @n4di4ndin original sound - goodymyofficial

Credit: @n4di4ndin on TikTok

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