WATCH: M'sian Woman Finds Wife For Her Husband, Gets Him Married On Their 10th Wedding Anniversary



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WATCH: M'sian Woman Finds Wife For Her Husband, Gets Him Married On Their 10th Wedding Anniversary

By sleepingbeauty

After becoming a widow, a woman has been proposed to become a second wife.

Making a rather challenging decision, this 37-year-old woman has openly proposed to the widowed woman to become her husband's new wife. 

@chintaarjuna Pandang dengan penuh hikmah... letak Allah yg pertama dihati.. semua krn Allah..jgn bergantung harap pd manusia kita akn mati.. dia bernikah lagi bukan krn tiada zuriat, bukan juga krn menghalalkan yg sudah ada.. jauh sekali utk curang atau dikhianati... ya utk capai tahap ni bukan mudah setelah berbagai ujian demi ujian kami tempuh.. bukan tiada airmata yg tumpah tapi kami jadikan ia kekuatan utk bersama... Allah ada.. Allah ada.. suami bnyak ajar sy utk sy jd diri sy yg skrg.. sy syg mereka berdua krn Allah... moga Allah pndang kami, jaga hati kami semua... perjalanan kami masih pnjang... baru bermula masih bnyak utk ditempuhi, doakan kami bahagia smpai syurga... #fyyypppppppppppppp #foryou #fyp #fypシ゚viral #sampaisyurga #poligami #poligamiharmoni #cintasampaimati bunyi asal - ꧁ R.kay_Official ꧂ - ꧁ ._ ꧂

The first wife, known as Chinta Arjuna, stated that she granted her husband permission to marry again on their 10th wedding anniversary, which also happened to be his birthday. But do keep in mind that this is what her husband asked for.

She emphasized that she sincerely accepted the status of the widow with two children as her co-wife in order to help "uplift" and preserve the woman's dignity.

"She (the new wife) is someone I know because we live in the same neighbourhood. Since she became a widow, various allegations and accusations have been thrown at her." 

"So, to preserve her dignity, I asked her myself whether she would be willing to marry my husband," she said. 

Furthermore, the marriage was not at all to her husband's desire; she herself took the courageous step of proposing to the woman without anyone's knowledge. 

"Thank God, Allah facilitated my intention to help her."

"On May 19th, I placed the engagement ring on her ring finger, and we also discussed and agreed to share the same wedding date, which is on June 28th, also coinciding with my husband's birthday." 

Chinta Arjuna also accepts the divine decree if her 10-year marriage ends in divorce. She always prays that the decision she made is the best one. 

"Some might label it as crazy, but it isn't, as this is what Allah has guided me to undertake, and I believe it's the right decision."

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