【News】In France, People Are Mailing Their Prime Minister Lingerie As A Protest



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In France, People Are Mailing Their Prime Minister Lingerie As A Protest

A.   |   Apr 22, 2021, 20:56   |   21

France‘s Prime Minister Jean Castex’s mailbox has gotten pretty interesting as of late. 


France has ordered a total lockdown as of April 3rd, and non-essential sectors are forced to be closed down. Lingerie store owners nationwide are apparently not too pleased with the development. 

As a protest, about 200 lingerie store owners have participated in the movement started by a group called Action Culottée. 

"Florists, booksellers, hairdressers, and record shops have been classified as 'essential' businesses. But what about underwear?" the group said. "Isn't it a question of hygiene and protection? Isn't it the first thing we put on in the morning to get dressed?"

The protest underwear package comes with a letter that says, "The truth is that we are ALL essential, prime minister. Small and local businesses are precious. They contribute to the local economy and give life to our communities." 

Well, gotta give it to France for their unorthodox ways of protesting. 


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