Here's How You Can Virtually Participate In The Squid Game!



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Here's How You Can Virtually Participate In The Squid Game!

By Ayunie

One of the biggest original series on Netflix to date, Squid Game has garnered millions of avid watchers and supporters since its premiere. For some reason, the sadistic dystopian concept of natural selection at its finest portrayed on the show seems to resonate well with the audience. Nightmare, but make it pastel?  

Anywho, if you think you have what it takes to win the Squid Game, here's how you can emerge yourself into the whole anxiety-inducing "kids" game (without the life-threatening part):  

You can try this fan-made Squid Game knockoff, or Fish Game By GOODJUJU featured on Roblox. This game only depicts the Red Light, Green Light game though, but the graphic and details are meticulously good, considering it's fan-made.  

The rules are simple: avoid getting shot by only moving towards the doll when she's not looking at you. In short, it's pretty much the same as how it is played in the show. All in all, the game is straightforward, and a nice fun little game to participate in. 

Have fun! 

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