RM500 Haircut?!? Malaysian Shares His Experience Of Going To This 'Viral' Barber



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RM500 Haircut?!? Malaysian Shares His Experience Of Going To This 'Viral' Barber

By MJC97

After two years of not celebrating Raya properly, Muslims around Malaysia are going out of their way to make this year's celebrations one to remember. Besides all the cooking, baking and decorating, many are also focused on how they can look good this year with all the baju raya shopping and in this case getting expensive haircuts! 

Recently, a TikToker with the username @syahmi.hariz, who is known for posting videos on trading shared a video of himself going to get a haircut at the viral Truefitt & Hill Malaysia barbershop. 

In case you aren't sure why Truefitt & Hill Malaysia went viral, it is because of its outrageously high prices for simple haircuts. In the past, someone posted about how it cost RM500 just to get a haircut there but actually, RM500 is for an entire package which includes other stuff too, so just a haircut might be slightly cheaper. 


According to their website, they have an array of different services including The Royal Haircut for RM125, The Roal Haircut and Hair Treatment for RM 185 and much more. As you can see this is definitely more than going to the nearby barbershop and getting a RM17 haircut. 

We were curious about how much it cost too, so we decided to sneakily ask him and he replied saying that we will have to stay tuned to his next video! So make sure you guys follow him to find out how much it actually costs! 

Here's the video:


Jom kita buat persiapan raya

love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay

If you watch the video, you'll notice that the entire barbershop has a very luxurious and classy vibe. Many netizens in the comments section liken it to the movie Kingsman. So maybe they are a secret spy association but I guess we will never know.

In the video, Syahmi mentions that you will have to make a reservation beforehand in order to get a barber, without reservation it can be hard to get one. He also mentioned that the staff here are really friendly. 

If you come early there is a very nice waiting area with ROCKING CHAIRS and you can even order some coffee while you wait.


Once your barber is ready, you get escorted to the hair cutting area. Each seat is separated by a curtain for privacy and there is even a sink there for hair washing so you don't have to awkwardly walk to the hair washing area with your poncho. Everything gets done in one spot. 


Once the barber cuts your hair, you get a relaxing hair wash that also includes a nice head massage that was so relaxing Syahmi even fell asleep! 


After the wash, the barber styles your hair for you and now you pay your bill. He doesn't disclose how much the haircut actually costs but after taking a look at their website, we know it is definitely over RM100++. Here's how he looked after the haircut, I think he looks good enough to star in the next Kingsman movie! 


After watching the video, what do you think? Would you get a haircut at this barbershop? Tag a friend who can actually afford it in the comments section! 

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