Legend Says Tasik Dayang Bunting in Langkawi Helps People Get Pregnant, But Here's What Netizens Think



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Legend Says Tasik Dayang Bunting in Langkawi Helps People Get Pregnant, But Here's What Netizens Think

By MJC97

One of the hottest spots in Malaysia for honeymooning is Langkawi. Its pristine beaches and fabled legends never fail to attract hoards of local and international tourists. 

One of its oldest legends is about Tasik Dayang Bunting. According to legend, those who want children or are struggling to get pregnant should take a dip in the lake and magically you will get pregnant after that. 


After a TikTok video of a success story went viral, netizens on Twitter started debating on whether or not it is really successful.

Here's what they had to say:


Translate: Came home after a week and was pregnant, meaning the date the baby was conceived was more than a week. Since when do people get two lines after trying for a week. This trend is nonsense. Life does not come from that lake it comes from Allah.


Translation: This story has been going on even before the internet. Sometimes the tour guide themselves tell people about it. But when we, husband and wife went there, there was an Arabian guy who drowned. The water there is dangerous because it isn't salt water, so it makes it hard to float in it. 


Translation: The alkalinity of the lake is high, the same as Zamzam water (blessed holy water in Muslims). Normally, people who have problems getting pregnant is because their body ph is too acidic. So if you drink the water from the lake it can stabilize the ph in your body. But I'm not too sure if you dip yourself in the pool it will work. I am a PCOS fighter, not a doctor. I have answered the question before.


Translation: My wife really wanted to try it out so I brought her to take a dip in the lake for around 20 minutes, after about a month she started vomiting so I brought her to see a docor. After the check-up, all the doctor confirmed was that my wife was positive for COVID-19. 


Translation: Is there any scientific explanation about this lake and pregnancies? Because my mom said she could not get pregnant for 6 years, she went to the lake and then she conceived me. I don't believe in this kind of stuff but I feel there are a lot of stories of people getting pregnant after going here. 


Translation: When I was 4 weeks pregnant I went there for a team-building trip. I took a dip in the lake. When I come home I started bleeding. Turns out, the water was dirty and I got an infection. Luckily the baby was okay. Scary. If the water looks greenish don't go in. It's toxic!


Translation: According to history, this lake is a blessed place since it was visited by the followers/saints of Allah. That is why you should not behave immorally here. Good fortune comes from Allah, sometimes it doesn't stick because of the blessing itself.


Translation: I will believe this myth if Sajat gets pregnant after diving into this lake.


Translation: But no joke, my aunt that was married for quite some time came and took a dip in this lake and 2-3 months later she got pregnant.


Translation: In reality, people don't only get pregnant at this lake. Many who just got back from their honeymoon test positive because the key is there's no stress. So funny how people believe the stories about this lake.

So, what do you guys think? Does this lake have the magical powers to make people pregnant or is it just a story told by tour guides to increase the number of tourists that visit the lake? Leave your thoughts in the comments section! 

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