WATCH: Newlywed Groom Died In His Wife's Arms After 3-Day Fever, Netizens Express Condolences



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WATCH: Newlywed Groom Died In His Wife's Arms After 3-Day Fever, Netizens Express Condolences

By JustineG

A Malaysian woman recently shared the heartbreaking news that has deeply touched the hearts of countless netizens.

Erlina, for those who may not know her, took us on a journey through her relationship, from their initial meeting to getting to know each other, falling in love, exchanging vows, and ultimately, the tragic loss of her husband. 

@erlinajaaper 5 bulan yang singkat, tapi sangat bermakna @alifkhuzaify original sound - Erlina Jaaper

Despite their relatively short five-month marriage, their love story resonated deeply with many. Erlina recently posted a video that elicited an outpouring of condolences and messages of strength from viewers during this challenging time. Her husband's passing occurred after a three-day fever, a devastating moment for Erlina.

The couple, like many others, had cherished dreams of spending their lives together. However, tragedy struck, shattering those dreams.

@erlinajaaper Pakaian terakhir sayang.. Smpai hujung nyawa sayang masih pakai cincin kawin kita Maaf sayang...baru semalam saya ad kekuatan untuk sentuh bungkusan ni I love you i miss you Kita jumpa di syurga ya sayang @alifkhuzaify #cintasmpaisyurga original sound - badrul

In a separate video, Erlina shared her emotional struggle in finally going through her husband's belongings.

Her tears and pain resonated with all who watched, as we shared in her grief.

While the precise cause of her husband's sudden death following a three-day fever was not explicitly stated, some netizens speculated it could have been sepsis. Sepsis is a severe medical condition where the body's response to an infection becomes abnormal, affecting organ function.

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