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World Richest Prince is looking for a wife! Time to book your flight to Brunei!

EGHYJ   |   Aug 24, 2020, 15:00   |   875

HUGE news my gals~ 

This total package is up for sales!!! I mean he's looking for a wife XP

Meet, Prince Abdul Mateen Bolkiah from Brunei, the "hottest gem" on earth!

Abdul Mateen just turned 28 on 10th August, and according to the country's royal family rules, he is now of the legal marriage age. His mother and father has also nominated him to be groom next year, and they are looking for a bride for him.

He is the 10th son out of 12 siblings (5 sons and 7 daughters) of Sultan Brunei Hassan Al-Balqia. 

Graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK in 2014, the prince is also known for being a big fan of Polo and flying aircraft. He is also an amateur of wildlife, fishing and predators. And as for now, the only requirement we heard from the prince for being his bride is that, the bride is required to love acquisition of animals, adventure and travel always with him. 

I mean, YES! I'll love anything for you, just put that ring on my finger XDDD

Awww~ Look at that, how caring is he as a person?

Oh and, did I mention that he also competed in Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, representing his country in Polo games?? 

If you are not a fan of sports, YOU ARE NOW!

Let's move on to the less important part of this news - his wealth. 

I mean who cares if he is the richest prince in the world, living in a 1877-room Brunei Palace of gold, diamonds and silver, owning 50 Mercedes Benz, 66 Ferrari, 20 Bentley, 20 BMW, 17 Jaguar, 15 Porsche, 10 Rolls Royce and 3 Lamborghini, and one plane gold plated and fully studded inside with gold, diamonds and gems. My love, for him, is true and pure like diamonds and pearl. Ops, sorry, I mean priceless.





So...what are you waiting for girls!!! Let's hold our hands together and Dream on!!!! And in my dreams, I will say YES a hundred million times XDDD

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