Simple Excel Shortcuts that will make your life easier



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Simple Excel Shortcuts that will make your life easier

By WufPerry

Excel is one of the greatest invention that supposed to help us to manage large sets of data in a quickest and most efficient way.

Sometimes using the mouse to select or edit data could be time-consuming. Some shortcuts will definitely save your precious minutes as well as helping you to manage your worksheet in a much easier way.

1. Auto Sum (Alt + =)

The quickest way to sum up the numbers instead of manually inserting =sum() formula

2. Fill the cell

Still using Copy (Ctrl + C) & Paste (Ctrl +V)? Or fill handle (small square in the bottom-right corner of the selected cell)?

Here are some of the alternatives to fill the cell, either with value or formula:

a. Ctrl + D (Down) or Ctrl + R (Right)

Repeat the same way by using Ctrl + R if you wish to fill the cell to the right!

b. Ctrl + Enter

c. (Ctrl + Alt + V) or (Alt + E + S)

If you wish to paste the copied cell as special value/format, you may use this shortcut instead of selecting from the paste button in the menu bar

3. Columns / Rows

Selecting rows and columns is one of the most frequent tasks when managing data sets. Mastering a few shortcuts below will definitely save yourself the hassle!

4. Table / Formatting

a. Filter (Ctrl + Shift + L)

b. Cell Format (Ctrl + 1)

c. Insert Comment (Shift + F2)

5. Formats

6. Conditional Functions

You might already be familiar with Sum, Count, Average functions. What if we combine them with "If" function?


Try (Ctrl + ; ) or (Ctrl + : ) on any empty cell and see what appeared!

From now on, start to minimize the usage of your mouse and be a keyboard Excel pro!

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