Best iPad Alternatives That Are Worth Your Hard-Earned Cash



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Best iPad Alternatives That Are Worth Your Hard-Earned Cash

By Ayunie

While Apple is arguably the best in the tablet business, we mustn‘t sleep on other brands that have exceeded expectations in the past too. If you’re hesitant when it comes to buying an iPad, we‘ve got a few other alternatives that you could look into. 

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

With a starting price of RM 3,849, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is more than just a tablet. 

Why You Should Buy:

•  Ultra-lightweight

Offers colourful keyboard and matching stylus pens and mouse

• More professional feel than iPads

Why You Should Avoid:

• High price tag

• Keyboard, stylus and mouse sold separately 

2. Samsung T830 Galaxy Tab S4 WI-Fi
Leave it to Samsung to create a versatile tablet without compromising on its competitive price.

Why You Should Buy:

Ideal for drawing artworks

Superior sound quality powered by Dolby Atmos

• Packed with desktop-like capabilities

Why You Should Avoid:

A bit outdated compared to its newer models

3. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Don't underestimate Lenovo when it comes to their tablets. This one packs quite a punch. Price starts from RM 826.35, according to their website. 

Why You Should Buy:

• Affordable 

• Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa and a speaker dock 

• Super lightweight and thin

Why You Should Avoid:

• The cameras aren't particularly amazing

• Plastic exterior

4. Amazon Fire HD 10  

Priced at RM499, you can't get any better than this in terms of affordability. 

Why You Should Buy:

Very affordable

Great battery life

Why You Should Avoid:

Mostly only suitable for light use, like watching movies and playing video games

• Not compatible with every Android app

Would you buy any of these, or stick with Apple products? Share with us your thoughts. 

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