5 Cute, Flirty Foreplay Ideas That'll Elevate The Fun In Your Bedroom



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5 Cute, Flirty Foreplay Ideas That'll Elevate The Fun In Your Bedroom

By Ayunie

Been wanting to try something fun in the bedroom, but too shy for it? These 5 cute and playful foreplay ideas might be perfect for you! Being the first to initiate could seem like an intimidating territory to explore, however, it doesn't always have to be grand or overly venereal.


Here's what you could try:

1. Blindfold Each Other


Sensory deprivation always works in anyone's favor when it comes to spicing things up in bed. Instead of the usual blindfold routine that most couples would do where only one of them is blindfolded, try this:

Blindfold each other, and let your curiosity governs your touch. Explore their body and let them explore yours. 

2. Don't Kiss (yet...)


No one can resist the breath-stealing anticipation of that moment just right before your lips touch. Instead of rushing into it, why not delay the satisfaction and linger a little longer? 

3. Send A Spicy Text 


Sometimes, it's as simple as sending your partner a juicy text, or a picture of you sans clothes when they're in a meeting if you're catching the drift. They'll get the message and once they're home, you' ll just know what awaits you. 

4. Make A Sneaky Departure


The next time you're on a dinner date, make sure to excuse yourself to the restroom just before the night ends and take the ride home alone. Once you're there, text your partner, "meet me at home... no clothes allowed. " or anything along those lines. Or better yet, send them a visual sneak peek. 

They'll be asking for the bills quicker than you can spell orgasm. (Of course, this only applies if you're living together, but you can always make it your own.) 

5. Strip Tease With A Twist 


Teasing your partner will never not be exciting. However, you can always take it up a notch. Play a game, any kind of game, and each time someone loses, they need to take a piece of their clothing off. Whatever game you choose to play, just keep on playing until either one of you gets completely naked.

We don't need to explain what should happen after that, do we? 

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