If You Enjoyed 'The Gray Man', You'll Love This News!



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If You Enjoyed 'The Gray Man', You'll Love This News!

By storyteller24

If you've not already watched The Gray Man, first off, where have you been? 

Secondly, there's likely to be a pretty big follow-up(s), and here's everything we know so far.

If you're not yet clued in on Netflix's newest hit, let us get you up to speed with why you should be heading over to the streaming service right now.

The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling as a covert CIA agent, known as Six because in his world, '007 was taken.'

When Six discovered some dark secrets within his agency, his former colleague Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) places a bounty on his head.

The film then follows the global man-hunt for Six. 

Now let's talk about the sequel.

As fans of the film will know, The Gray Man is based on Mark Greaney's spy thriller book of the same name. The book forms part of a wider series, 11 books in total, so it's safe to say that there's plenty of scope for a full-on franchise.

That, coupled with the fact that Joe and Anthony Russo directed the film, the guys behind Avengers: Endgame. 


Joe Russo even said in an interview with Empire that 'we never want to jinx it', but that he and his brother are 'already thinking through where it goes from here'.

"We like to build out worlds, and we would rather gamble on the upside and put the energy and time in to build out that universe prior to the release, so that the ideas are more germane and organic," Russo said. "Thats how you build out a more complex mosaic narrative."

That sounds like the Russos are on boards, there's more than enough scope for a full-on franchise, plus we all know at this point that Netflix has a ridiculously big budget.

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