Mother and Two Teen Children Found Lifeless In Disturbing State In Ampang Home, Room Sealed Shut With Tape



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Mother and Two Teen Children Found Lifeless In Disturbing State In Ampang Home, Room Sealed Shut With Tape

By Ayunie

Trigger Warning: This article discusses a distressing incident involving loss of life. Reader discretion is advised.

In a tragic and deeply unsettling turn of events, a woman and her two children were discovered lifeless in their residence in Kampung Baru Ampang, Ampang.

The grim scene unfolded within the confines of their home, where the bodies of the three victims were found in the first bedroom. What adds to the disturbing nature of the discovery is that the door and window of the room had been tightly sealed with adhesive tape. 

The incident came to light when a former ex-boyfriend of the victim, who had been renting a room within the same residence, decided to take action. Concerned for the welfare of the occupants, he made the difficult but necessary call to contact the authorities.  

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan provided some initial insights into the investigation. In addition to the distressing scene, authorities discovered the presence of charcoal and a lit burner beneath the room's sofa. Alongside these grim findings, a will and mixed currency were also located, further complicating the circumstances of this heart-wrenching incident.

While the evidence may suggest a suicide case, police investigations are ongoing, and the authorities are committed to uncovering the full truth behind this tragedy. The timeline of events, along with the motives and any potential criminal elements, will be examined in depth as part of the ongoing inquiry.

The victims of this tragedy include a 42-year-old woman, who was employed as a saleswoman, along with her two children, aged 14 and 15. The family had reportedly been residing in the apartment since 2018.

Neighbors who had interacted with the family expressed their profound shock and sadness. One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, shared that the last time they saw the woman and her son and daughter was just the previous Monday. No noticeable changes were apparent, and both of her children were described as polite and kind individuals.

Source: Utusan Malaysia

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