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#GoodyEats: Get the Finest Aussie Inspired Food in Greenlane Penang

MJC97   |   Apr 5, 2021, 15:42   |   230

Tucked between huge trees and neatly pruned bushes along the busy and bustling Greenlane main road filled with vehicles speeding up and down, lies a new hotspot in Penang that is jam packed with foodies everyday! 

Serving quality coffee, refreshing drinks and a wide array of authentic Aussie inspired comfort food that will make you and your tummy smile, Project Can is a new cafe in town.


+ #CanKakis

Before we get to the part that you’ve all been waiting for, the food, let’s talk about the amazing founders of the cafe, or what they like to call themselves the #CanKakis.

The #CanKakis are 4 hardworking, passionate and dedicated friends who created Project Can. 

It all started with three friends and one dream, to bring the Australian breakfast and food culture to Malaysia. Shawn Tan, JD Loh and Jhee Loh founded project can and later Saj Hong joined them as managing partner. 


Here’s something that you might not have known, after dining at Project Can or after seeing photos of the drinks, you might think that the cafe is named after the unique way they pack their drinks in a can. 

However, after speaking to the #CanKakis, they informed us that CAN actually represents Coffee, Aussie and Nature. 

This is why when visiting the cafe, you can enjoy good coffee in a clean, cozy and comfy place surrounded by nature. 


The #CanKakis actually took months to find the perfect location for their cafe as they insisted that it needed to be surrounded by nature to stay on brand with what CAN represents. 

The whole idea for packing their drinks in cans blossomed during the MCO, when most of the drinks they ordered were delivered to them half empty because of the unsecure way it was packed. 

With cans, the drinks are secure and sealed properly which will mean less spillage. 

+ Food

Now we have reached the part that you’ve all been waiting for, the food. 

If you skipped the part about the #CanKakis, then get back up there and read it. 

Well to put it into simple words, the #CanKakis really brought it when it came to the food. They were not only pleasing to look at but also made our taste buds come to life and dance around our tongues. It was a real disco in our mouths. 

Here are some of the dishes that we tried and would definitely recommend:

Egg Benny: a jiggly poached kampung egg and a topping of your choice, flavourful ham, juicy beef bacon or mushroom, with their special houz made creamy hollandaise sauce on top of a thick cut, freshly toasted artisan brioche and some fresh salad on the side.

Cut into the egg and watch the runny yolk just flow out, covering your toast with yumminess. 


CAN Breakkie: a plate with 10 delectable items for an affordable price. 

The combination of the perfectly greasy beef bacon, sweet heinz baked beans, crispy McCain hash brown, chicken ham, chicken sausage, mushroom, fresh mesclun, juicy tomato, sliced artisan sourdough and some fluffy, soft and buttery scrambled kampung eggs definitely fills your tummy and makes you wish you could eat it all over again. 


The Bird Nest: it looks exactly like a bird’s nest and is even topped with an egg! It is actually just some crispy deep-fried potatoes, leek and katsuobushi (beef bacon or ham) topped with a half-boiled egg that’s still in its shell. 

Here's a photo of an actual bird's nest in comparison with Project Can's Bird Nest


Lamb Shank: A juicy, mouthwatering and tender lamb shoulder imported all the way from Australia that takes 6-hours to cook placed on a plate then topped with some creamy and rich sauce. 

It came to our table still hot with steam coming off it. 


Norway Ponzu Salmon x Cous Cous with salmon air flown all the way from Norway placed on top of some scrumptiously seasoned asparagus and some perfectly cooked Italian cous cous. 

You don’t have to travel to two countries just to get some salmon and cous cous, Project Can brings Norway and Italy to you on one plate. 


+ Drinks

Coffee lovers must try their delicious blend of high quality colombian beans and the rarely used ethiopian beans. The ethiopean bean is very unique as it has a fruity and sweet taste. Most places rarely use the Ethiopean beans due to the high cost of procuring it.


Here's what we had:


From left to right:

1. Dirty, rich and creamy matcha topped with a shot of espresso. The name dirty reflects the colour of the matcha when the brown espresso is poured on it. 

2. The 1957 tonic will remind you why you love coffee. It is the perfect combination of the rich coffee flavours with the fizz and a citrusy kick of the tonic.

3. Berry Berry Yakult is a combination of some strawberry fruit mix and yakult. 

4. Elderflower Grapefruit Tea. The combination of the pink grapefruit, elderflower, cold brew black tea and schweppes tonic water produces a perfectly balanced sweet and citrusy refreshing drink. 

5. White Chocolate Couverture with matcha is another creamy matcha flavoured drink with the sweetness of the white chocolate. 

+ #OOTD Spot

The best place to get a photo of your outfit of the day for your Instagram is definitely the corners of the main frame of the cafe. 


Strike a pose and let the natural light give you a glow that will get you more followers in no time!

+ Future Plans For Project Can

Here’s where we give you a little scoop of information that we managed to squeeze out of the #CanKakis. 

KL and BM people, don't worry. Project Can is planning to come to you in the future! 

The #CanKakis confirmed with us that they definitely have plans on expanding Project Can not only to Bukit Mertajam but also Kuala Lumpur! So stay tuned!


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