First Time Giving Ang Pao? Here’s A Guide On How Much To Give Others:



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First Time Giving Ang Pao? Here’s A Guide On How Much To Give Others:

By MJC97

It is the time of the year when the married Chinese start giving out red packets or more commonly known as ang paos to friend and family members.  

Yes, it is Chinese New Year! And over the past year, there have been many weddings since everyone has been waiting to get married for the past 2 years while stuck in lockdown. 

With all the newly weds, it means that us single ones get more and paos. But, it also means that all these newlyweds better not have spent all their money on their honeymoon because CNY does involve a lot of money.  

Anyway I'm sure being a newly wed is quite pressuring because while everyone is asking you about when you're gonna have children, they will also be expecting an ang pao this year. So, if you're still clueless about how much to give, here are the ang pao rates for CNY 2022:

1. Children's Friend - RM5
If you already have children, then you know for sure they definitely jio their friend to come over to collect ang pao from you. So be prepared, you don't want to give them too little and be known at the cheapskate parent! So, I think RM5 should be enough, right?

2. Friend's Children - RM5
Your friends who will be coming over to your house will also bring their children so make sure you have a little extra RM5s for them!  

3. Relative's Children - RM5
To be brief, all children get RM5, but maybe if you have a favourite secretly slip them another RM5 and make sure no one hears about it!  

4. Close Relative's Children - RM10
Close relatives are like your cousins' children. You'll want to give them a little extra so that they don't go snitching to your cousins about how little they got. 
Plus, if you give them a good amount, maybe your cousins will give your children an equal amount in the future.  

5. Unmarried Friend - RM10
Actually, do you really have to give them ang pao? Hmm... If you feel obligated to do so, then just give them RM10.  

6. Sibling's Children - RM20 
Your niece and nephews need to be given more than other children if you don't want to face the wrath of your siblings!  

7. Parents - RM100
Your parents certainly deserve a lot more than others after putting up with you since you were little, then through your rebellious teenage years and they've supported you all that time. So be generous and give them RM 100 or if you can afford it, maybe more!  

8. Those you were forced to give ang pao - RM2
Ugh, these are the people who keep bugging you for an ang pao even though they don't deserve to get it! To shut them up, give them RM2 and be done with it. They probably will never ask you for another ang pao after seeing how little you gave them.  

9. Your Wife - RM8888
Nothing but the best and most prosperous amount for your angel!  

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