How To Fix & Prevent Your Ugly Neck Humps For A Strong, Healthy Spine



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How To Fix & Prevent Your Ugly Neck Humps For A Strong, Healthy Spine

By m7py

Do you notice the unsightly hump on your back, just below your neck whenever you pass a mirror? Well, that's kyphosis a.k.a the Dowager's hump.

It's most common among old people, but if you're still in your twenties, then, RED FLAG! The no.1 factor here would be YOUR POOR POSTURE!

Sure, blame your computer screens and devices. But, over time. this bad habit causes an abnormal curve to develop on the upper vertebrae & a mass of tissue at the lower part of your neck.

So, how do you prevent it? Obviously, maintaining good posture is one place to start. But, what if it's too late for prevention, as you're already sporting a hump?,w_700/v1576244477/web/v2/blog/spine_anatomy.png

Not to worry! Follow these sets of exercise to work on the problem:

1. Do chin tucks of the neck by pulling the chin straight back.
2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to improve you upper back muscles. 
3. Do push-ups into the corner of a room or through a door frame. Make sure you move your shoulders past your hands

Practise these exercises regularly and you'll see results within months. Don't wait, and start exercising today. 

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