Shopee Seller Offers School Absence Letter Service, Gets Over 500 Orders



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Shopee Seller Offers School Absence Letter Service, Gets Over 500 Orders

By sleepingbeauty

With easy access to the internet and e-commerce sites, people are becoming more innovative in seeking out opportunities to make money. However, a Shopee seller's service of writing absenteeism letters has caught the attention of social media users.

A Twitter user, @malissaali, shared the service as an effortless way to earn money and attached a screenshot of the seller's Shopee page. The seller charges between 20 sen to RM1 for each letter written, including resignation letters, leave application writing, and other letter writing services.

What's impressive is that the seller has received a five-star rating from 146 reviews on their Shopee page. All customers praised the high-quality service they received and recommended the seller's services.

The tweet has gone viral, with many netizens praising the seller for their creativity in finding a profitable niche. They have been applauded for offering a valuable service at an affordable price.

Furthermore, not everyone has the expertise or time to write letters. Therefore, some netizens feel that the seller's service is a bargain and should cost more.

In conclusion, this Shopee seller has found a unique and lucrative niche by providing letter-writing services to those in need. This example shows that anyone can find ways to make money on e-commerce platforms like Shopee with a little creativity and resourcefulness.

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