Selangor Groom-To-Be Casts His Vote Right Before His Wedding At SMK Seri Keramat



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Selangor Groom-To-Be Casts His Vote Right Before His Wedding At SMK Seri Keramat

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As the highly anticipated state election unfolds, citizens from all walks of life are seizing the opportunity to fulfil their civic duty, regardless of their schedules. 

One remarkable individual, 26-year-old Abdul Qayyim Roslan, made an extraordinary commitment by heading to his designated polling centre to cast his vote just moments before his wedding.

With a sense of responsibility and dedication, he stated, "As a Malaysian citizen, it's essential for me to fulfil this duty first, and my future wife supports this decision wholeheartedly." 

After successfully casting his ballot, Abdul Qayyim proceeded to his wedding solemnization in Selayang. Following suit, his bride exercised her voting right immediately after the ceremony.

Defying the odds of living with one leg bound in a steel calliper as a consequence of polio since his early years, 

Chung has demonstrated unwavering commitment by casting his vote for the Bukit Antarabangsa state seat consistently for the past twenty years. 

Undaunted by his physical challenge, he firmly stated, "While my right leg's strength has been affected by polio, my left leg still serves me well. I am resolute not to forfeit the opportunity to exercise my right to vote." 

Residing in the locality of Kemensah Heights, Chung, a self-employed individual, took it upon himself to inspire others, urging fellow citizens to actively exercise their democratic privileges, and emphasizing the pivotal role such participation plays in shaping the nation's trajectory for the future.

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