SHOCKING: "Can't Even Pay For Parking!" M'sian Expresses Frustration Over Receiving RM2 Ang Pao During CNY



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SHOCKING: "Can't Even Pay For Parking!" M'sian Expresses Frustration Over Receiving RM2 Ang Pao During CNY

By JustineG

During the festive season, we cherish traditions, and Chinese New Year brings excitement with the tradition of red packets. Many of us eagerly anticipate receiving these tokens of goodwill, especially us singles, hehe. 

While we can't dictate the amount we receive, we generally expect it to be reasonable. After all, receiving money for free is always appreciated. 

However, one Malaysian was dismayed to find only RM2 in their red packet and took to social media to express their frustration anonymously. Comparing their meagre RM2 gift to the generosity of their mother, who gives RM5 ang paos to trash collectors and Grab drivers, the individual questioned why they received so little. 

They wondered if they were deemed unworthy of even RM5 and also lamented that the RM2 couldn't even cover parking fees, making the red packet seem like a waste. Acknowledging that their opinion might attract criticism, the person shared their disappointment at the backlash received for expressing their thoughts.

Some criticized them for being ungrateful, emphasizing that receiving an ang pao is a blessing, not an opportunity to earn money. Others defended the givers, citing financial constraints that may limit their ability to give larger amounts.

How would you react if faced with a similar situation? Would you remain grateful or voice your dissatisfaction?

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