【News】"Asia Aquaman" is now the hottest Monk of the year | Who is this guy?



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"Asia Aquaman" is now the hottest Monk of the year | Who is this guy?

EGHYJ   |   Jan 13, 2021, 21:59   |   500

Behold~ The hottest Asian monk of the year is definitely "breath taking."

Meet Paing Takhon, a 24 years old Myanmar actor, model and singer, who is known for the Asian version of Aquaman with his long romantic hair and a series of cool tattoos, whom surprises his fans when he shaved his head to join a 10-day monastery. 

So who exactly is this fine piece of specimen?? 

According to rumours, Paing Takhon came from a normal family. He is the 4th child of 6 siblings. The "Asian Aquaman" is currently studying at the University of Distance Education, Yangon, majoring in Psychology. (Source) At the same time, he is also a business partner of United Amara UAB -  one of the 4 largest banks in Myanmar. 

Paing Takhon started his career as a model back in 2014. In 2017, he made his acting debut with a leading role in film named Midnight Traveller. In the same year, he also made his first solo music album - Chit Thu (Lover) and has donated all his money earned from his album's sales to orphans. How kind is he~

A few more plus points, he also knows how to paint and he loves cooking an animal. In short, he is a husband-ready material. Which is...OMG! YES!


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