Weight Loss 'Chi' | Attack These 5 Pressure Points For Speedy Metabolism!



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Weight Loss 'Chi' | Attack These 5 Pressure Points For Speedy Metabolism!

By m7py

Are you looking for the easiest way to speed up your metabolism? I mean- exercise, a crazy diet, or lots of water are just not your things? Well, good news! You can lose weight with enough pressure on the right part of your body. 

I'm talking about acupressure at five Meridian points. Check this out:

1- Abdomen point 


Where: 3 cm below the belly button


- Enhance digestive system

- Reduce constipation

How to press:

Place 2 fingers on it. Move your fingers up & down. Do this for 2 minutes twice a day. 


2- Abdominal sorrow point


Where: In line with the earlobe near your rib cage / Under the last rib


- Relieves from indigestion, ulcers, rib pain & appetite loss

How to press:

Curve your fingers & press the point for 5 minutes daily. 

3- Ear point


Where: In your ears


- Controls your appetite

- Treat earaches, ear infections & migraine

How to press:

- Place your finger against the jaw. Move your jaw up & down. Press at the point with the most movement in your jaw for 1 minute.

4- Knee point 


Where: 2 inches below the kneecap on the outer side of the leg


- Helps stomach function properly

- Improve digestion

- Provides nourishment to the blood

How to press:

Feel the muscle move under your finger when you flex your foot up & down. Press this point for 2 minutes every day with your forefinger. 

5- Ankle point 


Where: Inner side of the leg, 2 inches above your ankle 


- Strengthen digestive system

How to press:

Press with your thumb for 2 minutes & release slowly. 

Try acupressure at home & feel the difference yourself! 

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Thank you for reading!



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