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Save Your Bestie From A Heartbreak | Emergency Break-Up Kit @ Shopee

By m7py

Break-ups are always rough! And, if someone you know is going through one, you'll give everything to take their pain away.

Now, you can with the Emergency Break Up Kit. Let your bestie know you've got her back with this thoughtful gift.

The kit comes with a bunch of treats and goodies to help your friend heal through the pain. Check out what's in every box:

- 1 x 250g Whittaker's Chocolate Dark Almond 62% Cocoa

- 1 x Pop Culture Enamel Lapel Pin

- 1 x Mini Scented Candle (Rose/Vanilla)

- 1 x Matchbox (12 pcs matchsticks inside)

- 1 x 10g Carmex Daily Care SPF15 Lip Balm (Cherry/Original/Strawberry)

- 1 x Pocket Tissue Hankies (10 pcs inside)

- 4 x Florentine Nuts & Seeds Cookies

Price: RM65 excluding postage

Pre-order is required, so make sure you place your order ASAP for your hurting friends!  Shop here now. 

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