Must-Try TikTok Trends That Actually Work For Fat Loss!



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Must-Try TikTok Trends That Actually Work For Fat Loss!

By m7py

You've probably heard of many TikTok trends for weight loss. But, which one actually works? Well, lucky for you- this guide tells you which one's worth to try! 

1. Chia seed water
Want to stay in a calorie deficit? This 'miracle' water is high in antioxidants and Omega 3. It keeps you full for longer and reduces your appetite.

Here's how to make yourself a glass daily:
- Put 2 spoonful of chia seeds into a glass of warm water
- Optional: Add 1 spoonful of chlorophyll
- Add a squeeze of lemon and mix well. Enjoy! 

2.  12-3-30 Challenge
TikTokers have claimed that this trend shreds their belly fat and clinches their waists. All you need is a treadmill & you're ready to go.

Here's how to do the 12-3-30: 
- Set the incline on the treadmill to 12%. 
- Increase speed to a fast walk at 3MPH or 4.8KM per hour.
- Complete 30 minutes of the speedy, uphill walk. 

3- Stairmaster Challenge
Use a Stairmaster in the gym for this low-cardio workout. It fires up your functional fitness, as well as train your posture too.

Here's how: 
- Get on the machine and work towards taking your hands off completely. 
- Nail your balance before adding any speed. 
- For an afterburn, focus on a HIIT style for short periods, with a small recovery breaks. 

So, go ahead and try these hacks to shed those extra kilos!  

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