BTS Announces Hiatus from Group Activities and Opens Up about Their Concerns



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BTS Announces Hiatus from Group Activities and Opens Up about Their Concerns

2 Weeks ago
By Pineapplesz

June 14, BTS announces an indefinite hiatus from group activities to focus on their individual and solo activities. BTS uploaded a video titled 'Real BTS Dinner' on BANGTANTV YouTube channel where the group sit down together to have dinner with ARMYs and to celebrate their debut anniversary.

In the video, BTS's leader, RM elaborated that, "Season 1 of BTS was up until 'ON' originally. We were planning to do a grand world tour with 'ON', going to places we haven't been to such as India and Australia but then when we started promotion for 'ON', COVID-19 started."

After the members enjoyed some drinks and chatted together, Suga began the conversation by saying, "So we've entered an off-season," which the videos official English subtitles translated as "We're going into a hiatus now."  

Suga explained further in the video that, "We weren't able to talk about this for two years so it was a bit frustrating. And if we made a certain choice, we might not have been here anymore. Those lingering possibilities. We thought, 'Let's just go to the Grammys since we were nominated' and when we didn't win, we tried again. We were all exhausted from the process."

He also explained, "If we stuck to our original plan, we would've returned after COVID-19 was over. Of course, that's all in hindsight. But we did get to do 'Dynamite' and 'Butter' thanks to this. I know we shouldn't regret our choices."

V added, "We could focus on our solo work this time and later when we gather again as a group, the synergy will be like no other."

Okay, be honest. Who is shedding some tears now? Cause I know I am.

BTS members also confirmed that they live in their own house now, separately. "We become even closer now that we live separately, we realized how precious each other are," said the members. They reminisced about their dorm life and elaborated that it was time for them to live separately since they had lived together for so long.

The anthology album 'Proof,' according to BTS, will signal the end of season 1 of the group's operations. The worldwide known Korean group, BTS will enter hiatus once 'Real BTS Dinner' is released.

Don't worry BTS! ARMYs all over the world will support you and we will wait patiently for the groups return. Borahae BTS<3

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Sup, my dudes!



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