MUST-SEE Video From Gal Gadot's Latest Film 'Heart Of Stone'



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MUST-SEE Video From Gal Gadot's Latest Film 'Heart Of Stone'

By storyteller24

Gal Gadot fans, get ready for a smashing good time in 2023. Heart Of Stone is coming, and it features the Wonder Woman and Red Notice star engaged in all kinds of heart-stopping espionage action. 

Introduced at the Netflix TUDUM event by Gadot and co-stars Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt, the Heart of Stone First Look Piece finds Gadot's Rachel Stone amid an epic adventure, while a voiceover reminds her, "You know what you signed up for. No friends, no relationships... What we do is too important." Gadot calls the movie an "extremely epic," "super-grounded, raw action thriller," and says her character "lives off the adrenaline" of her escapades. From the piece, those actions seem to include motorcycle chases through the Alps, icy knife fights, cars careening through the streets of Lisbon – and even breakneck skydiving. 

From the looks of the footage, Heart of Stone is going to be huge. Dornan confirms that theres "so much going on and on such a big scale," while Gadot sums it up as "extremely epic." Director Tom Harper captures sweeping vistas, beautiful landscapes, and artfully lit cities in Heart Of Stone, all mixed in with whiz-bang action performed by (we have to assume) very, very talented stunt performers.

Theres no official release date yet for Heart of Stone, but the sneak peek promises its coming in 2023, so start planning your epic watch party now.

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