Girls Only: Vulva Care Is No Joke, But Essential & Easy With This New & Improved Charcoal Vulva Mask



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Girls Only: Vulva Care Is No Joke, But Essential & Easy With This New & Improved Charcoal Vulva Mask


STRIP launches new and improved TWO LIPS BLACKOUT, with better coverage, better absorption, better results!

When STRIP’s sister brand TWO LIPS, was launched five years ago, it was a revolutionary move in the world of vulva care. TWO LIPS BLACKOUT, possibly the world’s first activated Charcoal mask for the vulva was the hero product to debut in the luxury intimate care range and kickstarted the  #LoveYourVulvaMore journey. Taking this success story further, TWO LIPS is now proud to introduce the new and improved BLACKOUT. This newly developed version of the vulva mask will continue to deliver on the four-step process to soothe, detoxify, brighten and moisturise the skin.

STRIP and TWO LIPS work off each other beautifully to complete intimate care as founder Cynthia Chua envisioned them to, having imparted her two-decade-long expertise in this area. Not only does the one-of-a-kind personal care range take self-love and body care rituals to a new level by being devoted to caring for the woman’s most intimate part, the vulva, TWO LIPS also blazed the trail in breaking social and cultural taboos by giving women the choice to do this, and to destigmatize conversations on the matter of vulva care. In embracing intimate care, TWO LIPS aims to encourage women towards overall well-being, body confidence, and a sense of empowerment.

The resulting tremendous and positive response that BLACKOUT received has since spurred TWO LIPS to develop 14 effective vulva care products that are luxurious in quality, and such a range that can be used on the intimate skin is naturally an ideal choice for the rest of the body too. TWO LIPS’ premiere item, BLACKOUT became the go-to private care routine, to detox and hydrate delicate skin, for a well-deserving pampering.

While the upgraded BLACKOUT retains the valuable Binchotan Charcoal sourced from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree for its purifying abilities, this serum-infused mask will additionally contain Vitamins C, B3, and B5 to strengthen the skin’s barrier for stronger and healthier skin. Also introduced into the formula is Chitosan with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing. Moving away from the black lace seen in the former edition, BLACKOUT applies a foil lamination mask that results in better insulation and encourages thorough absorption of the rich ingredients by the skin. The application will be a breeze too since each sachet of BLACKOUT contains just the right lashings of serum.

As with the entire collection of TWO LIPS products, BLACKOUT is free of sulphate and parabens, gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, and suitable for use on all skin types to help strengthen the skin’s barrier function. It is most ideally used after a hair removal treatment as the complete effect is on the hair-free skin, keeping it moisturised, soothed and healthy. 

For best results, it is recommended that the mask is applied for 5 consecutive days. The new and improved BLACKOUT is now available at the introductory price of RM108 for 2 sachets (Normal Price: RM70 per sachet and RM350 for a box of 5 sheets). This offer is valid until 30 September 2023 at all STRIP Malaysia outlets, STRIP Lazada and STRIP Shopee pages.

Prizes are up for grabs! From now until 30 September, purchase of any TWO LIPS products, including BLACKOUT, will entitle a lucky draw entry. Just scan the QR code found on the product purchased for the registration process to stand a chance to win a set of TWO LIPS RESCUE KIT. The Kit worth RM370 is a pairing of TWO LIPS ICE and OUTGROWN. ICE is a lightweight rescue cream that calms irritated skin, while OUTGROWN helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

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