"We Love Love!" Netizens React To Sajat Living Her Best Life With Her New BF



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"We Love Love!" Netizens React To Sajat Living Her Best Life With Her New BF

By JustineG

Malaysians have certainly been invested in Nur Sajat's life since her move to Australia. Having found freedom and happiness there, she once again made headlines with a recent post featuring her new partner. Many have likened him to the Australian Andrew Garfield, noting his resemblance to the Spiderman actor. 

Her caption, "#lovely #taken #date," sparked excitement among netizens, who gushed over her new relationship, while some playfully commented, "Sajat has a boyfriend now. We're the only ones single." 


Netizens also couldn't help but admire her toned physique, seeing it as a body goal, especially now that Sajat is sporting abs.

Furthermore, they noticed her radiant happiness, expressing joy for her newfound contentment and fulfilling life.

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